A Time of Terror

Eckert, Allan. A Time of Terror: The Great Dayton Flood. Dayton, Ohio; Landfall Press, 1981 (1965)

Though not as prominent today, the books of Allan Eckert (1931-2011) are still some of the more well-known works in the last half century dealing with Ohio: among them the Frontiersman series, the Tecumseh biography A Sorrow in Our Hearts, along with the scripts for the outdoor dramas Tecumseh and Blue Jacket (no-longer in production).  Today, we will look at A Time of Terror, his 1965 historic narrative of the March, 1913 Great Miami flood and the damage it did in Dayton.  You may have seen it in the news or are good at subtraction, but this is the 100 year anniversary of the devastating flood that caused havoc throughout the state and ended the last days of the canal system in Ohio.

Eckert’s connection with Ohio was happenstance.  He finished his enlistment in the Air Force while stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force base and he stuck around.  After attending several schools in the state and working for the Dayton Journal Herald, he settled down in the western part of the state for much of the rest of his life.  It was during this time, still located within the Dayton area and working now as a full time writer with the successful publications of two novels dealing with extinct animals, that he started researching the day-to-day events of the disaster.  What he ended up with was a nature story that looked exclusively (not much backstory) at the hour-by-hour events from Sunday the 23rd to Sunday the 30th.   Continue reading