Ohio Places Ranked and Rated

Savageau, David. Places Rated Almanac. Seventh Edition. Washington, D.C.; Places Rated Books, 2007.

Sperling, Bert and Peter Sanders. Cities Ranked & Rated. Second Edition. Hoboken, NJ; Wiley Publishing, 2007.

I am sure you have seen the articles: 10 Best Cities for Real Estate Value, 50 Best Cities to find a Life Partner, Best Places to Retire with Cats.  There is an industry for rating places and, though it may seem silly, I think many of us would like to see a scientific study of where is the best place to live (or how my city ranks with others).  Many of these studies are affiliated with Bert Sperling, whose work can be found at www.bestplaces.net.  The grand work of Sperling, in my opinon, is Cities Ranked & Rated, where he and Peter Sanders rate all metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada.

The original guide to ranking and rating cities came out in the mid-1980s by David Savageau, Places Rated Almanac.  This book used a methodology of rating such livability aspects as housing, employment, transportation, culture, and crime and then ranking the cities/places.  Places Rated Almanac has since lost its major publisher, but the most recent guide was self-published.

For the fun of it (and for the advancement of science, of course), I thought I would compare the final rankings of all the Ohio cities.  The two guides are absolutely perfect for comparison, as they both rank the same 375 U. S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).  To truly understand the rankings, one would want to look at each titles methodology.  But, I am only interested in end results, so without further delay…

MSA  (Places Rated / Cities Ranked and Rated)

Akron (59/298)
Canton-Massillon (221/236)
Cincinnati-Middletown (16/38)
Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor (14/285)
Columbus (46/36)
Dayton (74/84)
*Huntington-Ashland* (137/340)
Lima (302/336)
Mansfield (327/290)
*Parkerburg-Marietta* (235/289)
Sandusky (232/202)
Springfield (323/87)
Toledo (81/120)
*Weirton-Steubenville* (283/358)
*Wheeling* (161/206)
Youngstown-Warren (195/269)

As you can see, one book’s Cleveland is another’s Springfield.  For those suddenly thinking about moving, I noticed two trends from the results. Places Rated Almanac has some sort of intent to quantify Aesthetics, which may give Ohio cities an advantage over newer developments (Pittsburgh is the hightest ranked place).  Cities Ranked & Rated attempts to quantify the weather and northern Ohio takes a beating.

*MSAs with central cities in other states*


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