Murder of a Journalist

Crowl, Thomas. Murder of a Journalist: The True Story of the Death of Donald Ring Mellett.  Kent, Ohio; The Kent State University Press, 2009.

I have looked at several Crime of the Century stories.  The “Crime of the Century” was a genre of crime that was very popular in the 1920s, where a murder in Columbus becomes front page news on the New York Times.  The murder of editor Donald Ring Mellett in 1926 and its subsequent trials is notable, as it not only told the nation the story of Mellett (he posthumously won a Pulitzer Prize), but it helped tell the story of Canton, Ohio, whose trial attention was not welcomed by the locals.   Thomas Crowl’s Murder of a Journalist recreates Prohibition Canton from “the Jungle” red-light district along Cherry Street to “Whiskey Alley” behind the court house and the excitement that the court case brought from such a horrible murder.

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