Remembering Steubenville

Holmes, John R. Remembering Steubenville: From Frontier Fort to Steel Valley.  Charleston, SC; The History Press, 2009.

Some facts: Steubenville’s population in the 2010 Census was under 19,000, which is about half of its peak 1940 population.  Dean Martin is from Steubenville and Rollie Fingers was born there.  Steubenville was a wool and blue jean capital in the 19th Century and a part of the “Steel Valley” in the 20th.  Dr. John Holmes attempts to tell this Ohio Valley city’s story (or at least some good tales from the city not related to these facts) in Remember Steubenville.

This is my first venture into a History Press title, so I thought I would give some background on this publisher.  You are likely to find an increasing number of its titles at your local (or regional) bookstore.  I counted 26 currently published titles available about Ohio in some manner (From Graeter’s Ice Cream to Haunted Miami Valley, Ohio).  Continue reading