Odds and Ends Summer Wine Overview

To do something different and to acknowledge that summer (July 4th) has arrived, I have put together some wine sources (book and not book) for tourism, shopping, business, and general knowledge.  Returning readers may know that I looked at Roger Gentile’s Discovering Ohio Wines, which looked at all of these aspects of the grape industry from 20 years ago.  I discovered a few new resources that fill the gaps on modern wine making in Ohio and I have a business proposal at the end.  Enjoy the summer!

Seeing, drinking, and buying wine from the Winery:

Latimer, Patricia. Ohio Wine Country Excursions, Updated Edition. Akron, Ohio; Ringtaw Books, 2011.

Updated in 2011 (and printed by University of Akron’s Ringtaw Books imprint), Latimer has a concise overview of the wine industry in Ohio with information on 80 wineries.  The title would indicate that this is a travel guide, but I feel that the book covers the whole wine industry in Ohio and could be used as a reference source by a consumer at the liquor store and general geeks of the wine industry.   Continue reading