Ashar, Linda C. Sandusky: A Guide to Ohio’s North Coast Playground.  New York; Channel Lake, 2010.

I was initially surprised to see a nationally published guide for Sandusky published by the Tourist Town Guides series.  Does Sandusky, Ohio deserve to be canonized along Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, and Niagara Falls?  Probably not.  But if you step back, Sandusky is the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) in the Lake Erie district, encompassing Cedar Point and having ferries to Bass Islands.

To be frank, Linda Ashar’s Sandusky (the book) is not about the city of Sandusky, but I like the idea.   Ashar covers the area of Vermillion to the east to the Lake Erie islands, with large sections on Cedar Point and the Bass Islands (this is a good guide for South Bass and Kelley’s Islands).  I think this sounds about right for the “Sandusky area”, as it is referred to in the text.  I would have felt cheated if there were trips to Tony Packos or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included.  Continue reading