The Toledo War

Faber, Don. The Toledo War: The First Michigan-Ohio Rivalry. Ann Arbor, Michigan; The University of Michigan Press, 2008.

A war between Michigan and Ohio?  There have been numerous publications over the years covering the border dispute between Ohio and the territory of Michigan in 1835.  The war involved much posturing, even more politicking, a posse of Wolverines arresting Ohio agitators,  and a dramatic stabbing.

The results of the “war”, as you may know, involve Toledo and the northern part of Lucas County becoming a part of Ohio and Michigan joining the Union (with the Upper Peninsula, for some reason or another).  Farber’s The Toledo War looks at the whole situation from each party involved, but the emphasis is on statehood and Michigan.   We learn much about the trials of Michigan’s first governor, Stevens T. Mason.

Sitting in the 21st Century, I was amazed at how the early government could leave borders unclear for such a time (Ohio became a state in 1803).  Faber offers a pretty detailed argument for why both parties believed they should own this strip of land (486 square miles).  Continue reading

The Great Ohio Roundabout

Traylor, Jeff and Nadine Disabato.  The Great Ohio Roundabout: A Circle Tour of Ohio Towns and Country Along Scenic and Historic Highways.  Monroeville, Ohio: King of the Road Press, 1998.

Here is a slightly older travel guide of Ohio that outlines a suggested motoring trip around Ohio.  The authors break their trip around Ohio into three sections: the 3-C Highway (SR 3), the Anthony Wayne Parkway (US 127 and SRs 119, 66, 424, and 24), and the North Coast Highway (SRs 2 and 163 and US 6).  Keen observers will note that this route does not cover all of Ohio (what about the southeast).  That said, if this book had covered all of Ohio it would no longer be a motoring tour, but just another travel guide.

If you follow this route you will start and end in Cleveland, but as the Traylors point out, you can easily start your journey from any point on the tour.  Total trip: 748 miles (with a few optional side trips detailed). Continue reading