A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio

Buettner, Michael G. A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio.  Fourth Edition.  Lima, Ohio; [M.G. Buettner], 1998.

I came across this guide when searching for National Road/ U.S. 40 books related to Ohio [more on this in some future posting] in the CLEVNET catalog.  The joys of subject searches.

Originally conceived in 1912 as an outgrowth of the Good Roads Movement, the Lincoln Highway cut through many Ohio cities including Wooster, Mansfield, Delphos, and Van Wert on its way from Times Square in NYC to San Francisco.  A federal highway system was implemented in 1926 and today the general route of the Lincoln Highway through Ohio can be traced along U.S. Highway 30.

As the name indicates, A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in  Ohio, focuses on Ohio.  While reading through the guide, you do learn about the national Lincoln Highway, but the author’s intent is to outline the varying roads as designated Lincoln Highway between 1912 and 1928, and what remains of those roads today.  Buettner, president of The Ohio Lincoln Highway League, has done his research, focusing on historic maps, guidebooks of the time (Hobbs Guides and Automobile Blue Books), and good-old fashion newspaper research.

Along with a very detailed description of the route(s) through Ohio which focuses on locating remnants from the different incarnations of the road, the guide also includes odometer charts (both eastbound and westbound), many maps, and several interesting articles about very specific topics (one of note being a description of the concrete posts placed along the highway by Boy Scouts in 1928).  There are also a few political intrigues that are discussed.  Why did the Lincoln Highway skip Marion?

I don’t know if I would recommend this title to a casual reader, but if you have any interest in the Lincoln Highway or are planning on taking a trip on the Great Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway, do search out this title.  The compiled information included is quite impressive.

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  1. Now that sounds right up my alley…is this something that is available currently, do you suppose?

    • I did search for this title through OhioLink and found two newer editions (latest 2000). So, I don’t know if the author is actively updating this guide. That said, The Ohio Lincoln Highway League website is still selling an edition of this work (hopefully the latest).

      I have seen a few national guides to the Lincoln Highway, but they are usually older and have not really examined them. Speaking of national roads, there was a market a few years ago for travel guides covering great national roads. Though Ohio was not the focus, I found some good qualities in both Road Trip USA by Jamie Jensen and Roadtripping USA by Lets Go Books. Good reads for those who like to think about going on long journeys.

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